Howie Wants to Play

In Howie Wants to Play beginning readers learn that God loves them no matter what. It's a lesson playful Howie learns after he makes some big messes.

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Howie Finds a Hug

Howie needs a hug. But Emma is busy. The whole family is doing other things. Poor Howie feels sad. But then—surprise! He finds the best hug ever.

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Howie's Tea Party

Emma pretends Howie is Mrs. Brown and invites him to her tea party. Howie, I mean Mrs. Brown, sees all the cookies. Yum!

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Howie Goes Shopping

Howie’s shopping spree gets out of hand, and trouble abounds. Early readers will learn that no matter how bad things get, families stick together and love each other.

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Hook, Lies, and eDates

Freelance writer, Annie J. Cameron, is working undercover on an Internet dating site researching...

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Sara on Amazon

Find all of Sara's books right here at her authors page on Amazon. Make sure to buy them all!

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Sara's Articles in Focus on the Family

Not only is Sara an accomplished children's writer, she also has written articles for Focus on the Family. Below are PDF versions of those articles.

A School Year's Resolution

The Great Mate Hunt

The Last $30

Weed Seeds or Word Seeds

Sara's Chicken Soup Articles

Chicken Soup for the Soul is another notable brand that published some of Sara's writings as well. Below, you will find four of the articles she wrote for the beloved book series.

The Great Mate Hunt

Second Grade Math

Just a Few More Minutes

An Unexpected Moment